Life Transition Services

The Domestic Duo Helps Clients in the Fort Lauderdale Area Move Forward

The Domestic Duo has been providing professional cleaning services in the Fort Lauderdale area and often our clients need more help with moving, downsizing, disposing of personal items or just running a few errands. We have built trust and are reliable so they feel very comfortable asking for help. We approach each task with empathy and sensitivity in order to have the best outcome for them.

As part of our professional cleaning and organizing in the Fort Lauderdale are we offer an extension of services we call Life Transition Services. We work with our clients and their families to facilitate the process of transitioning to a new living environment. We approach each project with kindness and compassion. We bring together all the resources needed during this period. The resources may include organizing personal possessions, donating, estate sales, packing, movers, property renovations, real estate or rental agencies.

We recently got a call from a daughter who lived out of state and her father had been admitted to the hospital. They had no family in the area and with the complications with Covid-19 they were not able to travel to Fort Lauderdale. She hired The Domestic Duo to come into their father’s home and do a deep clean to make it safer for his return from the hospital. The home also needed a few repairs and some safety bars installed in the bathroom. We communicated often with the duagther during this period and sent her lots of photos to show her what had been done to give her comfort.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our services. 954-233-2658

Top 5 Cleaning Tips During COVID-19

Keep your home cleaner and safer during the pandemic

With the Stay at Home guidelines in place over the past 4 months our homes are getting a real workout and they get dirty much faster. Just like washing our hands frequently, keeping on top of the hot spots in our home with disinfectant and tackling an area each day can help keep your home from getting out of control.

The Domestic Duo in action, cleaning a home
  1. Have the right equipment and cleaning supplies on hand so you can get to it quickly. A good vacuum, spin mop, swiffer, microfiber rags, duster and biodegradable sponges fit the bill. Choosing non-toxic, plant based, biodegradable products are better for you and the environment.
  2. Hit the hotspots daily with a clean cloth and spray bottle with OdoBan Disinfectant which can be found online or at Home Depot. The OdoBan makes the house smell fresh and clean and you’ll be confident your door handles and other high traffic surfaces are taken care of. 
  3. Cleaning as you go helps keep things under control. Choose and rotate an area each day. Assign tasks to family members. Even young children should participate. Put things back where they belong. Dust, swifter or vacuuming main traffic areas every other day.
  4. Learn where the dust grows. Bedrooms around the bed, ceiling fans and baseboards are dust magnets. Every month pull the mattress and bed frame away from the wall and vacuum up all the dander. Vacuum the top of your mattress once a year.
  5.  Clean top down by stating with ceiling fans, air vents, counters, cabinet fronts, baseboards and then floors. If you have a ProClean Back Vacuum you can maneuver pretty well and dust baseboards and vacuum the floor at the same time.

Having a professional cleaner come every two weeks can also help keep you energized to maintain your environment on a daily basis and have time for fun with the family. Be sure to have facial masks on hand for the family while the cleaners are in the house so everyone is safer and comfortable.